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Established 2000  •  Registered & Recognized, MFHA
Appomattox, Campbell, Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

Our Hunt Staff and Hounds

MFH (Master of Foxhounds) & Huntsman

Mrs. Elizabeth "Lili" Wykle is our MFH as well as our huntsman. She is our leader, establishing and maintaining our kennels, hounds, relationships with landowners, scheduling, and more. She is also our huntsman, which is the person who actually hunts the hounds. Lili has a great relationship with each and every hound in the kennel, which manifests in their unfaltering adoration and willingness to please her. A faithful Christian, a fearless leader, an excellent horsewoman, and a fabulous friend to all she meets, Lili has a devoted group of members who consider themselves lucky to be a part of her hunt club.


Whippers-In know the hounds and the pack, and the way each particular hound works. They spend time in the kennels getting to know and work with the hounds, and their job is a very important one in our hunt. Assisting our huntsman by riding outside the field and the pack, watching hounds and helping to keep control of the pack (keeping them away from roads, etc) are our honorary whippers-in.

Field Master

Making sure everyone stays safe, keeps up, and has good sport, is the responsibility of the Field Masters. Part of the job includes making sure everyone in the field is able to watch the hounds hunting, but also be sure the field does not interfere with the hounds or their hunting. The Field Master also knows the country, and where and how the field of riders should traverse to avoid crossing areas that are unsafe or not permitted to ride upon.


When we have a hilltopper field, that group normally proceeds at a slower pace with no jumping or galloping.

Terrain and Jumps

Our hunt country varies from woods and farm fields and pastures, to planted pine forests. While we do not have many jumps, they are all functional coops, usually in a fence line, which allow us to get from one field to another. To keep livestock in, the coops are all around 3'. Our first flight moves at a good pace to keep up with the huntsman. If you hunt with Stonewall Hounds you will be treated to a lot of up-close viewing of hounds and huntsman at work! Therefore, first flight riders should be able to safely handle their horses at varying speeds while negotiating obstacles.

Stonewall Hounds

Our pack is made up of 15 couple. Our American and American Crossbred hounds make for a keen pack with outstanding voices. It is a real treat to follow them when they are in full cry. They all bring their own strengths and individuality to create a hard-working pack of fabulous hounds. Can you tell we love our hounds!

Pedigrees of our Hounds

Please go to the MFHA website and see our hounds and their pedigrees. They are all prefaced with "Stonewall" in front of the name.

Our quarry

Stonewall Hounds hunts gray and red fox, coyote, and bobcat. Each provides its own unique type of chase, so our hunts can vary from watching the pack trail a gray fox in smaller circles, to flat out running cross country after a coyote.


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Get your hunting license online or purchase at hunting store or Wal-Mart. Required for fox hunting in Virginia.