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Sedgefield Performance Trials 2014

To All Fellow Foxhunters:

2014-03-31-20.52My hunt report for the wonderful weekend at the Sedgefield Performance trials is long overdue. Today, as I write, I will enjoy reliving the  memories of those three fun days at the end of March that were just as outstanding as the other five years our hunt was invited to attend.

This year the five hounds we took were Sargent #77, Bingo #75, Bonnie #72, Jacob #70 and Clergy #7. All of them hunted very well. At the end of the two days of hunting through large pine plantations, Sargent was the 6th best hound in trailing and Clergy was awarded the Champion Best Hound for the whole weekend.

From our club the riders were Cheryl, Judy, Susan, Billie, Elizabeth, Nina, Emily, Grover and John. Kate was our truck whip with Wanda Johnson from Harry and Theresa Miller's Red Oak Foxhounds. Their black and tan PMD's did very well, also, especially Uncle Jim who was high point hound for the second day.

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Blessing of the Hounds - 2013

Dear Members and Friends,

Last week was a milestone in our hunt and in my life. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, my first grandchild was born, August Henry Wykle, weighing 8lbs, 12oz. Mother and child are doing very well.

Our Tuesday Hunt Week day and our Blessing on Saturday both produced great sport with screaming hound music and long fast runs. Coyotes were viewed and they stayed in our country, circling around and around. Our field masters and whips were superb in positioning themselves and the field of riders to enjoy the hard and rewarding work of our beautiful red and white hounds.

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The Bryn Mawr Hound Show - 2013

Christmas in June

texasAmerican Ring Judges, Lili, Mary K, and Texas accept the first place trophy for "Entered Doghound". Photo by Harry Miller

Do you know how excited you can be at Christmas time? Do you know how much work is involved to have that special Christmas? And what kind of present would you like to get? Well, at the end of the day on June 1, 2013, my fabulous Christmas present from our very generous club became a reality that involved many hours of planning, hard work and enjoyment.

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The Bobcat Blog: March 23, 2013

Stonewall Hounds and Visiting Members of Oak Ridge Fox Hunt Club

TeddyBobcat checkTeddy and I wait patiently for a view. Sara Bateman photo

What started out as a somewhat slow day of casting in many different areas off Crane Creek Road, later broke wide open with hounds striking in the triangle between the “Bear Bog”, Robinson’s hay field and the new cut trail from the gas line, and the pack in hot pursuit of a huge and feisty bobcat—my first up-close and personal encounter with such an animal in the woods.

Our Master and first flight had just passed second and third flight fields along the bog trail, vowing to share some great hound music with our wonderful guests from Oak Ridge Hunt.

Well, her determination paid off as shortly thereafter we all were entertained with high-pitched hound voices roaring from side to side and in circular patterns in the heavily wooded hill along our trail. We knew that the pack had hit upon something and we all waited for that grey fox we just knew would pop out and provide some sport for the day.

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Hunt Report Jan. 8, 2013

Members and Friends,

Our American hounds are working hard, finding game and giving us wonderful music with many hours of enjoyment. Yesterday, in Pamplin, eleven and a half couple found a grey fox in the bear woods. Hounds circled those bear woods many times. That fox crossed Crane Creek near our Amazon Crossing. The pack had to work hard to stay the line. Their music was good but not consistent. Nevertheless, the field and I were in front row seats observing some awesome hound work.

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