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Hunt Report: Sept. 8, 2012

Members and Friends,

At yesterday's hunt from the Wallis Farm we had 17 hounds and 17 riders with 3 truck followers. Hounds ran for a short time in the pines above the Snowy River Hill. It sounded like Clipper started speaking first and since he is not yet deer broke I was suspicious. Then I heard Solomon, Tenson and some other rock solid hounds and felt confident.

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First Day of Cubbing, Sept. 1, 2012

Cubbing started this past Saturday under extremely warm and humid conditions. Before hounds came out of the truck they had begun panting. I brought only fifteen hounds. Nine riders participated. They were Kate, Judy, Marie, Leslie, Janet, Erin, Gretel, Diane and me. We stayed out two hours and came in soaked from the heat. Scenting was not holding and hounds didn't even speak once except a few younger ones on a small deer that popped up. They were warned and turned back immediately.

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Sedgefield Cup Results 2012

kate truman sedgefield2012Kate and Truman coming in on Day 2A small group of us headed down for what has become an annual pilgrimage to Hoffman NC for the Sedgefield Cup, a performance hound trial put on by the Sedgefield Hunt. Most of you already know what a great group the Sedgefield Hunt is, and this year was no exception. Great hunting, fun, food, and friends make the weekend really special.

The Sedgefield group does a fabulous job with this event, making everyone feel welcome and entertaining us all weekend! A bit thank you to them all for all the hard work.

We got really lucky with the weather, as it didn't actually rain or storm on us while we were riding. Scenting was tough the first day, but the huntsman, Lincoln Sadler (who knows the Sandhills Gamelands like the back of his hand) moved hounds quickly from covert to covert in search of the elusive game.

Finally, after being out for a good while, hounds struck in one of the coverts (they call them "heads" -- deep mucky bogs of green foliage and swampy terrain) and started getting stronger and stronger. Fred Berry kept the field as close to the coverts as he could, which meant we got to see a lot of houndwork.

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Double Hunt Report

We've had two exciting hunts recently that are worth writing about. To bad we can't get it straight from the hounds' mouths. They know all the details on what happened.

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