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To All Fellow Foxhunters:

2014-03-31-20.52My hunt report for the wonderful weekend at the Sedgefield Performance trials is long overdue. Today, as I write, I will enjoy reliving the  memories of those three fun days at the end of March that were just as outstanding as the other five years our hunt was invited to attend.

This year the five hounds we took were Sargent #77, Bingo #75, Bonnie #72, Jacob #70 and Clergy #7. All of them hunted very well. At the end of the two days of hunting through large pine plantations, Sargent was the 6th best hound in trailing and Clergy was awarded the Champion Best Hound for the whole weekend.

From our club the riders were Cheryl, Judy, Susan, Billie, Elizabeth, Nina, Emily, Grover and John. Kate was our truck whip with Wanda Johnson from Harry and Theresa Miller's Red Oak Foxhounds. Their black and tan PMD's did very well, also, especially Uncle Jim who was high point hound for the second day.

On Saturday, the fifty-plus hounds from 10 different packs ran a bobcat that was viewed several times. Then the hounds ran a grey fox that took off after making a few circles. We all had a long gallop though not nearly as far as previous years when they found a coyote. On Sunday, I was able to have my first view on a silver sided grey that came darting out right in front of where Jubilee and I were standing with Theresa and her TB, Mica. The pack worked hard in a low, lush, green bog before pushing him out. That fox ran hastily along the edge and back in the covert. It was so exciting to watch and listen as all the hounds hunted as one solid pack. Later, the field of riders viewed the same fox who continued running in the curving low, marshy area. Scenting was becoming more and more difficult with the hounds voices singing less and less. I heard Sargent staying the line and not quick to leave as the huntsman, Garry Riggs, blew for hounds to come.

Once packed up, we left the area for some fresh country as many wanted to find a coyote. The wind was blowing to strongly for scent to hold and yet the hounds were working hard over many hilltops. A coyote was unexpectedly jumped in an area that was off limits. After hounds took off in a roar, so did all the truck whips. The field of riders waited and I was looking constantly on the Garmin Alpha (love that tracker!). They were stopped at a paved road and brought back. Along the way, a few hounds chased a deer, but not long after they were gathered up. We headed in with our spirits high and conversation flowing, sharing individual stories.

20140329 103428The Sedgefield Hunt is a special group of genuine, fun loving foxhunters who know how to put on a first class affair led by the incomparable Fred Berry, MFH and Huntsman, and Jan Sorrells, secretary, who never stops smiling while running a smooth show. The other members work hard at preparing the grounds and club house. AND they cook some delicious food that feed over a hundred people all weekend. I couldn't thank them enough for including us and look forward to returning. Win or no win is secondary to the camaraderie you feel among these hound loving, foxhunting folks!  

I asked those who attended from our hunt to give a brief description of the weekend. Please see their thoughts below.
With Appreciation,

From Billie Bryant:  Sedgefield used to mean the long name of a fox hunt club just south of the Virginia border. Now it stands for a whopping good weekend full of hunting action, good food and drinks, and many new friends. My goodness, they can really throw a party!!!  Hope to see them again!

20140330 080843From Kate Fairfield: Had a GREAT time....Not only did Clergy win best hound, Wanda gets a medal for keeping up with Donald in the Hound Truck. That chick can drive!!!!! If I had driven I would have lost Donald in the first 5 Min.!!                      

From Elizabeth Wood:  We were so proud every time we saw #7 right in there hunting like a seasoned pro!! A fantastic weekend and so happy for the light drizzle on Saturday as it kept the dust down. Great footing and great people--a nice change from the weather and footing at home. Already looking forward to next year!  

From Cheryl Microutsicos:  We learned that Irish does not ground tie, resulting in Grover’s wild ride on the back of Dickcy’s horse to catch Irish! It was a great weekend watching all the hounds work and it was exciting that Uncle Jim and Red Oak did so well, too.
From Judy Bernaldo:  Wonderful weekend with hounds and friends!

From Nina Berke: The Sandhills are a riding treat but to see Clergy, Sergeant and Jacob doing their jobs so well against this beautiful backdrop made an already special weekend with the members of Stonewall just that much better.
From Emily Schilling: It was so awesome to be at a check and see #7 Clergy out front with Red Oak #57 Turbo to his left and #70 Jacob not far behind! I had just enough time to snap a picture! I felt so proud for both clubs at that moment! Seeing the grey pop out and a hound right on his tail! Sargent winning 6th place for trailing! We knew he had worked so hard over the weekend! There are a few!

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