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Christmas in June

texasAmerican Ring Judges, Lili, Mary K, and Texas accept the first place trophy for "Entered Doghound". Photo by Harry Miller

Do you know how excited you can be at Christmas time? Do you know how much work is involved to have that special Christmas? And what kind of present would you like to get? Well, at the end of the day on June 1, 2013, my fabulous Christmas present from our very generous club became a reality that involved many hours of planning, hard work and enjoyment.

It all started at our annual Christmas party in 2012, held at the Daily's Farm, when I was presented with a gift of abundant funds and a most unique video clip of our hounds talking about who would qualify for the hound show. Six months later, fifteen members and friends of the Stonewall Hounds traveled to Malvern, PA with seventeen foxhounds to attend the Bryn Mawr Hound Show.

Our hounds and some of us (myself heading the list) were overwhelmed Friday afternoon when we pulled up at the Radnor Hunt Club after over nine long hours on the road to a very, hot and noisy kennel grounds. After settling the hounds down on straw bedding, we went to check in at the hotel, shower, change and head back to the lovely clubhouse for dinner. Then back to the kennels to feed and walk out. So much excitement! New people to meet and old friends to reacquaint with.

First thing Saturday morning our job was to get those hounds walked out. Then on to the check in table for our substitutions, changing to our show clothes and gathering the first hounds for the first class. Others in our club prepared the tent and food, set up chairs and coolers. We even had a secretary who kept us organized and recorded the results all day long. Showing began at 8:30 for the PMD ring and at 9am for the American ring. Some showed hounds throughout the day (see the list at the end) and some worked outside the ring. Our club did a great job in every way. It was a huge team effort! The heat took its toll on us but we survived. The grounds were stunningly beautiful. The facilities were first class. And all the hounds were the stars of the show!

At the end we were very tired but extremely pleased with the day. Texas won his entered single dog class and was awarded a perpetual silver trophy to be held for a year. Clay and Clergy were second in the unentered couple of dogs. Texas and Bingo were also second in the entered couple of dogs. Charlie was third in the best stallion hound class. Keystone was third in the PMD listed entered bitch class. Clover was fourth in the brood bitch class. All day we showed against quality hounds from Potomac, Orange County, Essex and Millbrook. At the end we participated in the pack class and, because of the high temperatures, were able to wear our white show coats instead of formal attire.

The dedication of many made this come together. I am truly thankful for each and every bit of blood, sweat and tears, every dollar given, every hour of planning and driving. It was a long way! Hounds are now home safely and happy to be back in their own kennel.

The 17 Hounds:
Clay, Clergy, Charlie, Jefferson, Texas, Bingo, Clipper, Kamander, Clarabelle, Classy, Clover, Tequila, Jennie, Jackie, Keystone, Sarah and Adeline.

The 15 Stonewall Folks:
Lili showed Clergy, Charlie, Bingo and Clover.
Mary K showed Clay, Texas and Classy.
Theresa showed Keystone and Tequila.
Emily showed Jennie and Clipper.
Gretel showed Jefferson and Adeline.
Vicky showed Kamander.
Sandy showed Clarabelle.
Diane showed Sarah.
Lili and Kate showed 10 hounds in the pack class.
Kate, Cheryl and Sandy (Julia's mom) held and transported hounds between the ring and kennels.
Julia was our recording secretary.
Susan, Harry and Steve helped with hounds and food and moral support throughout the day.

At the kennels we had members and friends come to help us practice throughout the past month and, more recently, to wash the hounds and prepare and pack for transporting them that were not able to attend the show. They are Marie and Eddie Slagle, Meaghan Meany, Laura Owens, Jenner Brunk, Billie Bryant, Judy Bernaldo, Elizabeth and Georgia Wood.

Thank you, EVERYONE!

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