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The Sedgefield Performance Trial weekend was the best of times from the excellent hunting to the most outstanding group of people I've every met or had the pleasure to be associated with. There were 14 from our group who came to support our awesome, American hounds and to be apart of all the fun.

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The delicious food provided by the Sedgefield members was plentiful and served in a clubhouse filled with flowers and banners made up of every hunt. The extra activities and awards were certainly enjoyed. Dressing up and creating a 6 line poem with my members for the cutest huntsman contest was amusing. This is what we came up with:

The Stonewall members love the Sedgefield trials,
The whole weekend gives us the biggest smiles,
Not to mention our hounds kick butt,
And beat all the other scraggily mutts,
The Sedgefield members give it their all,
And everyone who comes has a ball!

This year we took Classy #65, Clay #95, Jockey #77, Bernadette #21 and Jersey-girl #7. Wow, did they make us proud! Out of 68 judged hounds from 13 different packs, Bernadette was third best hound after two days of hunting and best hound for the second day. Clay was fifth best hound and young Jersey-girl was eighth. To top it off these five won best pack with added scores from Jockey and Classy, too.

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Of course, winning best pack was an added bonus but if that had not happened it would not have diminished a bit the fabulous time we all had. Seeing old friends, especially George Harne who had been absent for two years, and meeting others created the kind of environment we are so blessed to take part in.

Our accommodations at the Long Leaf Lodge were warm and welcoming to both humans and horses and convenient to the field trial grounds. We have already reserved it for next year.

I've relived the weekend again and again in my mind and in discussions with those who attended. We are so proud of our hounds but the most important memories are of the comraderie among everyone, the love and kindness shared and the elation of hunting behind such an awesome pack of hounds. Day one of hunting was very good but day two was one of the best days behind hounds ever!

Congratulations to Sedgefield Mailbox who won best hound and to our most excellent host, Fred Berry, MFH. Much appreciation, also, to Lincoln Saddler for hunting the hounds so well and all the judges and whippers in for working hard.

Bless Jan Sorrells for the huge undertaking of this weekend! Her smile never diminishes and reflects the attitude of the Sedgefield members.

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This would not be possible for me without the huge support from our members. Thank you!

With Much Appreciation,  Lili

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