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Appomattox, Campbell, Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

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Attach18035 20161214 200804l-r Christine on Celi, Billie on Belle, Elizabeth on Spaetzle, and Sandy on Pi

Hounds are on fire! That's my description of the day! I was pretty far away in the beginning of the hunt, but when hounds came together in the bear woods toward the end.... woohoo!  It was fun to watch on the Garmin as Lili got them back from TOB's and headed that way. You could see the 2 groups converging and getting back together.

Then they got to the bear woods and all hounds were on. Hunting like fiends and running circles. I could see on the Garmin how they had a big circle and then went around it a couple times, then a smaller circle inside the big one. Speaking and circling, working it for all they were worth!

Julie and I were together as she was kind enough to lend me Penny to ride. We went up the treeline toward the zoo, thinking that if it was coyote it would want to cross the road. Sure seemed like a fox, but Lili said it didn't "sound" like fox. As we got to the road, we headed to TOB's (for the umpteenth time)... and then they started coming toward us on the road by the zoo.

Sure enough, Tally HO! A smallish coyote finally decided to make his escape, after all his circling fun. Unfortunately we had to stop them so they didn't cross, and with help from all staff, we got them stopped except for Sarah and Buckles. Lili crossed the road and went in a bit and got them back too, whew!

All hounds were on the coyote, for a GOOD long time, and when they came out. We have a fantastic pack and are thoroughly enjoying hunting behind them this season.

We had a short chilly tailgate with the handful of us left, and finally left the fixture after 3 pm! By the GPS, hounds traveled 20+ miles, and staff traveled 10-12 miles on this exciting day.

Here are some photos, we were so happy to see Kim, the Reverend who performs our Blessing of the Hounds, on horseback with Judy! Fun day for all!

Attach18035 20161214 200804Malynn on the cutest pony ever, and Meaghan on Missy

Attach18035 20161214 200804Christine on Celi, and Billie on Belle

Attach18035 20161214 200804Sandy on Pi

Attach18035 20161214 200804Christine on Celi

Attach18035 20161214 200804Kim on Pepper (Kim's first hunt!)

Attach18035 20161214 200804Meaghan and Missy hold Jubilee for LIli

Attach18035 20161214 200804Julie on Ghost

Attach18035 20161214 200804Cheryl on Julie's Penny

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