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Appomattox, Campbell, Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties, Virginia

Hunt Report Pamplin - 12/14/16

Attach18035 20161214 200804l-r Christine on Celi, Billie on Belle, Elizabeth on Spaetzle, and Sandy on Pi

Hounds are on fire! That's my description of the day! I was pretty far away in the beginning of the hunt, but when hounds came together in the bear woods toward the end.... woohoo!  It was fun to watch on the Garmin as Lili got them back from TOB's and headed that way. You could see the 2 groups converging and getting back together.

Then they got to the bear woods and all hounds were on. Hunting like fiends and running circles. I could see on the Garmin how they had a big circle and then went around it a couple times, then a smaller circle inside the big one. Speaking and circling, working it for all they were worth!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Hunt a Hit!

Attach18049 20161214 204432Everyone seemed to enjoy the theme and have fun with it! Many said they would like it to become an annual event, so there you have it! Here are some photos of the "First Annual" Stonewall Hounds Ugly Christmas Sweater Hunt!

Michael Jackson was our esteemed judge. He chose Elizabeth and her "fuzzy cat with glasses" sweater. She won a ribbon and a little prize. Kate's Christmas Penguin sweatshirt was a close second!

We also had a guest, who jumped in on the theme too, and hope Tuck comes back again soon!

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Stonewall's Seventh Year at Sedgefield wins big with Number Seven

sedgefield ribbons

The 2015 Sedgefield Performance Trial in Hoffman, North Carolina proved to be our hunt club's best year. Classy, #7, was top hound after two days of competition. There were eleven hunts participating: Rockbridge, Goshen, Sedgefield, Whiskey Road, Mecklenberg, Delabrooke, Red Oak, Green Creek, Low Country, Last Chance and Full Cry. Stonewall Classy '11 is by Potomac Tennyson (Tenson) and Stonewall Clara. She is a beautiful, hard hunting hound who exhibits an enthusiastic spirit about everything and everyone. Hope Lynne Graves has sponsored her every year. Her sister, Clover who is expecting her second litter of pups this spring by Jockey, is just as good.

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The "Trifecta Hunt" Report

IMG 1051Last Wednesday, December 3, we had a "trifecta hunt" that paid off royally! Only six excited riders and three dedicated road whips joined the equally eager eight couple of red and white American Hounds for an unusual day of sport. Despite the rain the day before that caused the wet, slippery conditions, we had a blast listening to hounds and viewing the different quarry with only one minor accident.

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